Event Rentals

Policies and Procedures

User shall, at their expense, procure and maintain, for so long as they use, occupy, or furnish products or services on the premises of the ICA, liability and property damage insurance for protection against all liabilities related to the use or occupancy of the space, and operations incidental thereto, with a minimum combined single limit of liability or not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate.

User agrees to indemnify and hold the ICA and all of its officers, board members, agents, and employees free and harmless from any loss, damage, liability, cost or expense that may arise during or be caused in any way by such use or occupancy of  the premises by the User, to any employee, agent invitee, contractor, or associate of the User or any other person and/or for injury to any person and/or for injury to any person whatsoever happening on, in, about, or in connection with the space while the space is occupied or being used by the User except to the extent such injury, loss, damage, liability, cost or expense results from the willful acts, negligence, or conduct of ICA , its officers, board members, agents, and employees.

User assumes all risk of damage to property or injury to persons in or about the space from any cause and hereby releases ICA, and its officers, board members, agents, and employees and waives all claims against the ICA for damages to the User's personal property, for injury to the User, and the User's agent, employees, invitees, associates, and contractors, in or about the property from any cause arising at any time, except to the extent such damage or injury results from the willful acts or negligence of the ICA.

User agrees to provide Insurance Document listing the ICA as additionally insured for the date of function.  The ICA should be listed as follows:

The Institute of Contemporary Art
100 Northern Avenue
Boston, MA 02210

The ICA has no responsibility with regard to the provision of food and / or beverages with regard to any function.

The User is responsible for all damages incurred as a result of the event including damages to the building, fixtures, equipment and personal properties.

Excused Non-Performance
During the time period of the function, the museum shall not be liable for damage or loss caused by any natural disasters or any other phenomena beyond its control including power outages that occur for a reason other than as a result of an act of omission by any of its employees, agents, or contractors.

In the event of such an occurrence the event may be rescheduled or cancelled by the client.  If the occurrence happens when the event is already underway, all previously incurred purchased or contracted goods costs shall not be refunded.  These costs include, but are not limited to: Staffing Fee, Docents, Coat Check Personnel, Janitorial, Production Costs and Labor, A/V Equipment and Personnel, Lighting Technician, Rentals, Band, Disc Jockey, Novelty Entertainment, Décor Elements, and Florals/Centerpieces.

The museum will be open during all inclement weather conditions.  In the event that a function is cancelled by the client due to inclement weather, the full contract amount will be due and payable to the facility.  If an official "State of Emergency" is declared the event may be cancelled or rescheduled by the client.  In this case, all purchased and contracted service payments will be retained by the facility.  These include all previously contracted non-refundable services, including but not limited to: Production Costs (equipment and labor), Rentals (including projection equipment, décor elements, specialty linen), Musical Talent, Disc Jockeys, Novelty Talent, and Florals/Centerpieces.

Permits & Certificates: Fire and Public Safety
Building and Fire Codes: All displays, exhibits and decorations must conform to City of Boston Building Codes and Fire Ordinances.  A valid City of Boston Fire Certificate is required for all décor elements, including banners, to be displayed on the interior of the Museum.  Out of state or other city certificates are not honored by the City of Boston.

Contact Information:
City of Boston
Fire Department/Chemist Office
1010 Mass Ave., 4th floor
Boston, MA 02118

No elements are to be hung or otherwise installed until the above named certificate is physically on file in the building. All décor elements and banners must be free-standing without attachment to walls, ceilings or floors. Balloons and candles are not permitted anywhere in the museum. All décor elements, including plants and flower arrangements must be approved by the ICA.

The museum reserves the right to request that the client hire police detail or fire detail for the protection of the event, at client's expense.

The ICA does not have parking on the premises however there are several lots directly adjacent to the museum owned by Pilgrim Parking.  Rates are currently $11.00 for 12 hours.  A User may opt to valet or purchase parking for their guests.

Deliveries and Rentals
Delivery and pick up of all flowers, decorations, and equipment must be coordinated with your ICA event representative.  Clear delivery schedules for any elaborate rental load-ins outside normal set-up must be discussed with ICA staff.  All materials must meet Boston fire code regulations and a certificate may be required.  All rentals and equipment must be removed as promptly as possible after the event.  The ICA will not be responsible for any equipment, materials, or property left on premises by User or their vendors.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the museum.  

Printed Material & Publicity
The ICA reserves the right to approve any and all invitations, posters, flyers, signs or other publicity pertaining to an event in the museum.  All signage must be freestanding.  No banners or printed materials will be allowed on walls.  No sales of any kind will be allowed on the premises.  All tickets must be sold in advance.

Photography is not allowed in the galleries unless special permission is granted.

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