Boston Globe editorial: The ICA begins a conversation (12/20/2010)
"The Institute of Contemporary Art deserves credit for screening David Wojnarowicz’s “Fire in My Belly’’ two weeks after the National Portrait Gallery buckled to pressure and pulled the video from an exhibition focused on the history of gay and lesbian portraiture in America."article>>

Boston Globe: Offensive? ICA lets the public decide (12/16/2010)
"The Institute of Contemporary Art has joined dozens of cultural institutions across the country screening [David Wojnarowicz's film] “A Fire In My Belly’’ to speak out against censorship." article>>

Culture, atmosphere draw crowds to the waterfront (9/4/2010)
“The arrival of the Institute of Contemporary Art on Fan Pier in 2006, coupled with more recent developments such as the nearby opening of Louis Boston, has helped reacquaint Bostonians with the waterfront…” article>>

Boston 101: Contemporary cool (9/5/2010)
“Museums typically take us back in time, to an era of powder wigs, traditional sumo, or hieroglyphics in stone. The Institute of Contemporary Art seems to aim for the opposite effect.” article>>

The Boston Globe hails Hanging Fire as treasure of local museum collections (6/8/2010)
"In the three-plus years since its painstaking installation at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Cornelia Parker’s 'Hanging Fire (Suspected Arson)'’ has become one of the most popular pieces of contemporary art on view in this city." article>>

Boston Globe: ICA hires Harvard museum’s Molesworth (1/13/2010)
"Helen Molesworth arrived in Boston eager to build an ambitious contemporary-art program at a new museum. Now she’ll finally be able to get started. Molesworth will move from the Harvard Art Museum, which has indefinitely postponed plans to build a new museum for contemporary and modern art, to the Institute of Contemporary Art. She will serve as the ICA’s chief curator starting Feb. 22."  article>>

New York Times
Calls ICA "a Stunning Landmark of the New Boston" (1/1/10)
"This glass-and-steel cube makes looking at the water as much a part of the experience as the exhibits inside, and has transformed this formerly desolate slice of South Boston waterfront since its opening three years ago." 

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