Boston Globe: ICA effort raises $25m as museum looks to future (1/24/11)
The Institute of Contemporary Art, just five years after opening its first permanent home, is flexing its newfound financial muscle. The ICA will announce today that it has raised $25 million toward $50 million campaign, the bulk of which will dramatically boost its endowment. article>>

Boston Globe: A beacon among its contemporaries (9/11/11)
The Institute of Contemporary Art is celebrating its 75th anniversary this fall, and plans to do so in style. Anniversaries come and go. But for a gallery devoted to showing challenging new art by living artists, three quarters of a century is an impressive milestone. article>>

New York Times: Teenage curators at the Institute of Contemporary Art (3/17/11)
"Four times a year the Institute of Contemporary Art here turns itself over to a group that is typically loath to spend Friday night at a museum: teenagers. While the move might raise some eyebrows — backpacks! cellphones! loud voices! — it is part of a concerted effort at the I.C.A. to attract, educate and hand responsibility over to teenagers." article>>

Boston Globe editorial: Still a work in progress (3/6/11)
"The museum has struck an impressive balance between featuring up-and-coming artists and mid-career retrospectives. And by earning positive nods from curators and publications around the world, the museum is growing into its role of ambassador for [Boston's] art scene." article>>

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