MP3 Audio Commentary

The ICA Collection

 Artworks with audio commentary are indicated on the wall label by this 

The number in parentheses corresponds both to the MP3 track and the number on the artwork's wall label.

Untitled by Roe Ethridge (01)


Takaho after kissing, Tokyo by Nan Goldin (02)


Ralph Smith; 21 years old; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; $25 by Philip-Lorca diCorcia (03)

Almerisa series by Rineke Dijkstra (04)


Untitled #1 (Michigan Womyn's Music Festival by Catherine Opie (05)


Karaoke Wrong Number by Rachel Perry Welty (06)


Artist Dave Muller Playing Trumpet (07)


Hanging Fire (Suspected Arson) by Cornelia Parker (8)


Untitled (Pins) by Tara Donovan (9)






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