Catherine D'Ignazio

The often collaborative work of Catherine D'Ignazio, or kanarinka, is based in the belief that small actions can lead to poetic transformation. Her work appears in several formats, including performance and street interactions, online and in galleries. To create her 2007 project entitled It takes 154,000 breaths to evacuate Boston, D'Ignazio ran Boston's official evacuation route over several months, keeping count of the number of breaths required to run this 100-mile system. Data about her series of runs, which the she calls "an artistic attempt to measure fear," was made available through a dedicated website and podcast.

D'Ignazio is creating a new adaptation of 154,000 Breaths for the Foster Prize exhibition, part of which engages with the ICA's own safety evacuation route. She also presents Exit Strategy, a new video work that shows a variety of images of the artist passing through several exits at the ICA.

D'Ignazio is co-director of the experimental arts organization iKatun, and a founding member of the performance art collaborative The Institute for Infinitely Small Things. She teaches at the Rhode Island School of Design's Digital + Media Graduate Program. Her artwork has been exhibited at Eyebeam, MASSMoCA, the DeCordova Museum and the Boston Center for the Arts. D'Ignazio received an MFA from the Maine College of Art in 2005. She lives in Waltham.

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