Joe Zane

Joe Zane probes essential questions that circulate around the making and presentation of art. His work uses a variety of media, including drawing, video and sculptural objects that include frequent references to art history and the art world. Zane attempts to instill a comic awareness of the impossibility to comprehend art's ultimate meaning. 

For the Foster Prize exhibition, Zane presents several new works that offer a playful acknowledgement of the show's award. Through the medium of the self-portrait, Zane explores both the jubilation and incertitude that arises in an artist who participates in this type of competition. Among the works on view will be brightly-colored glass flowers, a sculpture of a deflating balloon that sports the ICA logo, and a painting in Italian text that translates as "I love you, too."

Zane's work has been exhibited at MIT's List Visual Art Center, ArtSpace in New Haven, Allston Skirt Gallery in Boston and the Andrew Kreps Gallery in New York. Zane received an MFA from Cornell University in 2003.  He lives in Cambridge.


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