Getting Emotional

May 18 - September 5, 2005

While most of the significant artistic movements since the 1960s have avoided the explicit depiction of feelings, in Getting Emotional, emotions come out in the open. Featuring 32 international artists, this exhibition depicts emotion in a variety of ways, from intimate moments between individuals to the physical manifestations of human feeling.

Getting Emotional presents contemporary work in four thematic areas: Bodily Sensation, Feelings Portrayed, Emotional Intimacy, and Emotion and Society. Artists such as Marlene Dumas, Bill Viola, and Paul Pfeiffer create work that depicts the human body in emotional states, both subtle and extreme, and often present them without any indication of what emotion is being expressed or why. In works like Chloe Piene's Black Mouth, an arresting video in which a mud-covered young girl screams in slow motion, the viewer is struck by the sheer physical force and expressive power of the human body.

The artists in the exhibition include Marina Abramović, Bas Jan Ader, Darren Almond, Janine Antoni, Louise Bourgeois, Cecily Brown, María Magdalena Campos-Pons, John Currin, Marlene Dumas, Sam Durant, Nan Goldin, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Andreas Gursky, Peter Hujar, Emily Jacir, Christian Jankowski, Barbara Kruger, Glenn Ligon, Ron Mueck, Chris Ofili, Catherine Opie, Elizabeth Peyton, Paul Pfeiffer, Chloe Piene, Jack Pierson, Ed Ruscha, Doron Solomons, Ricky Swallow, Sam Taylor-Wood, Bill Viola, Kara Walker, and Andy Warhol.

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