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Documentary: Anish Kapoor's Poetic Laboratory
Go inside Anish Kapoor's approach to art-making with this new documentary video from the ICA. Discover the artist's remarkable work and the philosophical and creative processes behind it. The documentary, directed by the ICA's Branka Bogdanov, weaves together Kapoor's own words, images from his London studio, and interviews with noted scholars such as Partha Mitter, Homi Bhabha, Mary Jane Jacob, and ICA Chief Curator Nicholas Baume.

  See Anish Kapoor's Poetic Laboratory  in the Poss Family
  Mediatheque, screening continuously during regular museum hours.


    Audio Commentary

    Let the artist, Chief Curator Nicholas Baume and Art Historian Partha
              Mitter guide you through the exhibition. Download now or borrow an
              iPod on your next visit.



WBUR's Andrea Shea finds out what it takes to stage an 
              exhibition filled with monumental objects.

                  Listen to story


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