In the News

The New York Times
Arts, July 18 - 24
By Holland Cotter

"Charles LeDray, who has a 20-year retrospective at the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston, is one of our most distinctive artists, and one of our best."

The Boston Globe
Life's wear and tear
By Sebastian Smee, July 16, 2010

"LeDray is one of contemporary art’s brightest stars, and this show, organized by the ICA’s Randi Hopkins, is the most beautiful, poignant, and witty show the ICA has mounted since moving to its new waterfront home in 2006."


The Power Of Tiny: Charles LeDray At The ICA
By Andrea Shea, July 16, 2010

"LeDray’s vast body of work is too rich with humanity to be viewed as simply adorable. It conjures the passing of time, and even our own identities."

WGBH Greater Boston

By Jared Bowen, July 15, 2010
Sculptor Charles LeDray's gallery at the ICA


The Weekly Dig
"Workworkworkworkwork it out"
By Kyle Paoletta

"His installations...possess a quiet power that manages to enthrall the viewer with the tensions implicit in them—between uniqueness and uniformity, integrity and fracture."



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