Sentimental Disappointment

Rodney McMillian’s fascinating multimedia work addresses themes of race, identity, and commerce in contemporary American society. Deeply interested in social history and culture, McMillian often combines different forms—such as painting, found photographs, and a cast-off carpet and chair—in dynamic installations that reveal how past ideas relate to the present.

For Momentum 14: Rodney McMillian, the artist’s first solo museum exhibition in the U.S., McMillian presents new work including a large-scale painting on canvas that will span the length of a gallery wall, a video, and sculptures made using furniture from his home.

The Momentum series examines new developments in contemporary art, inviting artists from the U.S. and around the world to present work at the ICA.

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The Momentum series is sponsored by the Cartin Family, Rebecca and Martin Eisenberg, and Marlene and David Persky. 

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