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New York Times

How Things Work (or Sometimes Don’t)
by Karen Rosenberg, October 29, 2009
"The Boston show is full of conceptually driven sculpture and installation. The best of it is schematic yet unpredictable, a seductive combination."

The Boston Globe

The sum of its parts
by Sebastian Smee, September 20, 2009
"For Damián Ortega, ideas and things, far from being connected by logic, have a deeper, unaccountable relationship, amounting to a kind of magic act. It’s a relationship that’s destructive one minute and creative the next, but it’s never less than funny."

'Do It Yourself' with no directions
by Geoff Edgers, September 20, 2009
"But 'Cosmic Thing' isn’t just conversational fodder for art-world types. It’s fun to look at, a car turned into an orderly, skeletal sum of its parts, suspended from above."


Style Boston, NECN


Greater Boston, WGBH





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