Gallery Performances

"The Working is the Work" by The Institute for Infinitely Small Things
Thursday, March 27
Thursday, April 24
6:30 - 8:30 PM 
Using performance and conversation, the Institute conducts creative, participatory research that aims to temporarily transform public spaces while investigating social and political “tiny things.” For this performance, Institute members will assume the role of ICA laborers in various ways.
Free with museum admission.

“Life/Theater Project: ICA” by Lee Walton
Sunday, March 16
2:00 PM 
Experiential artist Lee Walton orchestrates a series of intimate “happenings” to take place in the museum’s galleries and public spaces. Collaborating with teens from the ICA Teen Arts Council, scripts are poetically mapped on individual postcards with image and text indicating the time, action and identity of each performance.
Free with museum admission.

Blind Dates

Blind Dates are site-specific performances that engage the dynamic between spectator and spectacle within the context of Rita McBride's sculpture, Arena, part of the exhibition The World as a Stage. Free with museum admission.

"Minimally Tough"
New Performance Added! Sunday, April 13, 1:30 pm
In "Minimally Tough” by artist Ellen Band, leather jackets purvey minimalist composition throughout the museum. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open!

“We All Need a Pygmalion”
Saturday, March 22
2:00 PM
"We All Need a Pygmalion" by Pablo Helguera is a musical social etiquette lecture for the art world. Helguera is an artist who uses satire to explore the complicated social structure of the contemporary art scene. His performance takes the form of a “self-improvement” workshop with a musical component—-Helguera sings songs about the art world to melodies from “My Fair Lady.” The performance is an introduction to his book, The Pablo Helguera Manual of Contemporary Art Style.  Written in the style of an old-school etiquette handbook, Helguera’s wry advice is practical for any artist. New York Magazine exclaims, "Finally, Broadway meets Bourriaud!"

"Surrogate Performing"
Sunday, March 30
2:00 PM
In "Surrogate Performing," Lewis Gesner performs as another. This does not mean he merely acts, but that he is as the other, becoming him or her. At the ICA, Gesner performs as German artist Boris Nieslony, founder of Black Market International, and Bulgarian artist Vassya Vassileva.

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