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Currently, this work is not on view to the public.

County Line Meadowmere Park, 2004
C-print mounted on aluminum
24 x 31 inches
Gift of Bridgitt and Bruce Evans

Roe Ethridge, the fourth artist featured in the Momentum series, has an active, successful career as a commercial photographer, which nourishes his artistic practice and vice versa. His photographic work displays the extreme high polish and sharp clarity of photographic print technology available today; these handsomely rendered views seem at once familiar and alien, inviting yet off-limits. County Line Meadowmere Park is from the series County Line, a collection of images from a quiet ocean-side community in Queens, New York, that sits on the Nassau County Line. This view of boats, water, and foliage topped by a generous swath of blue sky and puffy clouds is reminiscent of a classic Dutch landscape, yet edged with mundane signs of contemporary life, with the boats' gears and engines fully exposed. A subtle shift in the sky's tone echoes the county line border demarcated by the waterway. 














Currently, this work is not on view to the public.

Untitled, 2002
Digital C-print
40 x 50 inches
Purchased through funds provided by Niki Friedberg

Untitled is part of a series Ethridge began in 2000 depicting pigeons. Using a high-speed flash to capture a pigeon in mid-flight, Ethridge reveals the unexpected beauty of this ubiquitous bird. This, however, is no ordinary pigeon, but a trained "extra" rented from Universal Studios. Set against a blue studio backdrop that mimics the natural color of the sky, Ethridge reveals its graceful perfection. 


Currently, this work is not on view to the public.

Holly at Marlow and Sons, 2004
30 x 24 inches
Edition of 5
Promised gift of Beth and Richard Marcus

Ethridge applies precise techniques honed over years of commercial studio work to create images that defy expectations of their everyday subjects. A beautiful, poised woman stands behind a café counter, holding our attention with a confident gaze. While the setting is casual, the perfection in her modeled pose and details in the composition hint that this scene may not have been candid.


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