Wade Guyton

BORN 1972 | HAMMOND, IN | Lives in NY 

ICA Collection: Expanding the Field of Painting

Untitled (Group #3), 2004 (not pictured)
Inkjet on book pages, plexiglass, wooden frame
Extended loan from Beth and Richard Marcus

Over the past decade, Wade Guyton has created work that explores our changing relationship to images and artworks through the use of digital technologies—the computer, scanner, and inkjet printer. He uses these tools to make paintings and drawings that highlight the technological mishaps—smudged print jobs and blurred iPhone photographs—that punctuate our daily lives. Untitled (Group #3) is part of an ongoing series of “printer drawings” that refer to modern art history. Guyton removes pages from books bearing reproductions of key modernist artworks and feeds them through his home-office inkjet printer, marking them with thick black or red marks. In an attempt to avoid attaching specified meaning to the works, he randomly selects the pages and embraces the printing errors that occur—snags, drips, streaks, misregistration, and blurs. The book pages are then arranged in a series and placed between panes of plexiglass in large, heavy wooden frames, creating narrative codes that are read like fragments of sentences, broken and stuttered. 


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