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Currently, this work is not on view to the public.

Pom Pom City, 2002
Natural wool
2 x 144 inches
Gift of Barbara Lee

Pom Pom City draws upon local curiosities, folklore, and craftsmanship, as well as Mona Hatoum's interest in exploring cultural displacement and exile. An oversized round rug made with natural wool from artisan weavers, the work was created in Oaxaca, Mexico, and expands a familiar domestic object into enormous proportions. An interlocking grid of fibers at the center refers to the complex street plan of Mexico City, and long strands of wool radiate outward to represent the chaos of urban sprawl and growth. Each strand ends in a pom-pom, which evokes souvenir sombreros or other kitschy tourist trinkets. The work was featured in the ICA's 2004 exhibition Made in Mexico.


Currently, this work is not on view to the public.

Dormeuse, 1998
Steel tread plate
37 x 70 x 29 inches 
Gift of Barbara Lee

Known for her sculptures of ordinary, yet emotionally charged domestic objects, Hatoum often blows them up to gigantic proportions or uses unexpected materials such as rubber, steel, or pins to create a shifting sense of danger and familiarity. Dormeuse is a chaise lounge made from steel tread plates. Hatoum transforms this symbol of feminine leisure and economic privilege with the unforgiving surface of a utilitarian, sturdy fixture, elegantly and subtly unraveling the stereotype of the home as a place of peace and calm.


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