Christian Jankowski



Currently, this work is not on view to the public.

Point of Sale, 2002
3 channel video installation:
3 DVDs, plus 1 Digi Beta Submaster (archival master)
Dimensions variable: may be projected on three walls or
shown on three monitors
18 minutes, color, with sound
Edition 1 of 5 with 2 APs
Gift of the Cartin Family

Christian Jankowski's Point of Sale exemplifies the artist's critical wit and humor. The piece features video footage of an uptown management consultant interviewing a veteran electronics dealer,  and Jankowski's own art dealer, about their business strategies. Each interviewee then delivers the other's answers, effectively spotlighting the shared risks, challenges, and goals of their ventures. The work explores notions of artistic control and questions the nature of contemporary art in relation to other forms of social expression and connection.














Currently, this work is not on view to the public.

The Hunt, 1992/1997
Single-channel video
Betacam SP (Master) with DVD viewing copy
1:11 minutes, color with sound 
Edition 2 of 5
Gift of the artist

The Hunt  is Christian Jankowski’s most seminal early project, the first video to encapsulate the conceptual twists and self-reflexive humor that now define his mature practice. The footage captures a segment of Jankowski’s week-long quest to eat only groceries he shoots in the supermarket with a bow and arrow. The Hunt is an excellent complement to Jankowski’s 3-channel video, Point of Sale. Incisively direct, the early work reveals the groundwork of the latter project’s more discursive investigation of art, business, and their overlap.


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