Kelly Sherman

(Born in 1978 in Worcester, Massachusetts)

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Wish Lists, 2006
Portfolio of forty inkjet prints on paper of found lists
Each: 14 x 8 ½ in. (35.6 x 21.6 cm)
Edition 1 of 10
Gift of James and Audrey Foster

Wish Lists is a spare arrangement on separate sheets of paper of forty lists of desired objects collected by Sherman from the Internet. These offer a poignant glimpse into other lives with hints about the age, gender, and circumstances of the lists’ various authors. The requested items on these lists range from the most broad and basic, such as “School,” to the minutely specific, such as “VideoNow Color Disks 3-Pack: Monster Garage 2.” Wish Lists is the first fully text-based work acquired by the ICA. Sherman was the recipient of the 2006 James and Audrey Foster Prize, awarded to a Boston artist of exceptional promise.

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