On view: February 28, 2014–June 2015

Ritchie’s contribution to the Sandra and Gerald Fineberg Art Wall will continue his exploration of the possibilities, limitations, and collaborative capabilities of various media. Here, painting escapes its traditional confines both dimensionally—by extending across the art wall to the adjacent bay of windows—as well as materially—through the inclusion of sound. The imagery, like the Dewey Square mural, will be composed of dark, gestural and diagrammatic lines on a pale background. The drawing on the wall will become more and more colorful as it reaches the windows, where the drawing will erupt with complexity and color.

Supported by

Additional support provided, in part, by Jean-François and Nathalie Ducrest.

Image: Installation view of Matthew Ritchie: Remanence, Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston, February 28, 2014 – March 1, 2015; © Geoff Hargadon.


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