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Saturday, May 7, 3 pm
Sunday, May 8, 3 pm

$10 general admission; $8 members, students, and seniors.



New England Animators    

The ICA continues to present work by New England animators who explore the medium as a method of personal and cultural expression. This bi-annual event features all new work by nationally and internationally renowned filmmakers such as Karen Aqua, Tim Finn, Joel Frenzer, Luke Jaeger, Gina Kamentsky, Michael Langan, Ruth Lingford, Amy Lovera, Dennis Miller, Benjamin Ridgeway, Norah Solorzano, Steven Subotnick, and Orrin and Jerry Zucker, as well as films by an emerging generation of New England animators including Dan Ashwood, Clever Girls Collaborative, Lillian Fang, Monica Garrison, Yuanjian Luo, Kenneth Onulak, Kurt Snyder, Edward Wiggin, and Caleb Wood.

Please note: these films are not suitable for children.

Saturday, May 7: Hosted by filmmaker Joel Frenzer

Sunday, May 8: Hosted by Amy Kravitz, Professor of Animation, Rhode Island School of Design


Taxonomy by Karen Aqua 

Repeat Viewings by Dan Ashwood

Canine Reverie by The Clever Girls Collaborative

Shapeshifter by Lillian Fang

CYMoKay by Tim Finn

T.H.I.R.S.T. by Joel Frenzer

Black Box by Monica Garrison

Carolina Shout by Luke Jaeger

Secret Bee and House Bunny by Gina Kamentsky

Heliotropes by Michael Langan

Little Deaths by Ruth Lingford

Handmade Awakenings by Amy Lovera

A Tale of Two Twins by Yuanjian Luo

Echoing Spaces by Dennis Miller

Paper Dreams by Kenneth Onulak

Tribouluminescence by Benjamin Ridgeway

Where Do Babies Come From? by Kurt Snyder

Of Monorails and Megasaurs by Norah Solorzano

West and Two by Steven Subotnick

Terra Firma by Edward Wiggin

Wake by Caleb Davis Wood

B Train Blues by Jerry and Orrin Zucker

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Name:New England Animators
Date:May 07, 2011 03:00 PM –
May 07, 2011 03:00 PM
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