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Saturday, September 29
7:00 pm

$8 members + students
$10 nonmembers



An Evening of Recent Films by



Spanning a 30-year career, Stephen and Timothy Quay are two of the most distinctive voices in animated film. The ICA presents two of their newest works in an evening of astounding animation.

Through the Weeping Glass: On the Consolations of Life Everlasting (Limbos and Afterbreezes in the Mütter Museum)  (2010, 42 min.) Following a visit to Philadelphia’s renowned Mütter Museum and the College of Physician’s Historical Medical Library, the Quays examine the anomalies, curiosities, and oddities of this historic medical collection to create Through the Weeping Glass, their first film made in the US.

Mask (Maska, 2010, 23 min.) Based on Stanislaw Lem’s novel, Mask is set in a technologically developed, but feudal world. Beautiful robot Duenna was created by a cruel, but powerful figure to carry out a mysterious mission. Now she will be forced to choose between a ruthless deed and pursuing the love of a stranger. Haunting and beautiful, the film includes the  dream-like music of Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki.


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Name:An Evening of Recent Film by The Quay Brothers
Date:September 29, 2012 07:00 PM –
September 29, 2012 08:05 PM
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