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Thursday, April 11
8:00 PM


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Photo: Kristophe Diaz



Piazzolla to Bach   


Steinway Artist, "the dazzling pianist-composer Donal Fox" (The Boston Globe) returns to the ICA with guest cellist Maya Beiser.

Internationally acclaimed pianist, composer, and improviser Donal Fox combines deep grooves with sophisticated contrapuntal lines, creating a striking musical collage that is at once stirring, visceral, and intellectually satisfying. Like a great DJ digging in the crates for forgotten gems, Fox mines the rich resources of jazz and classical literature, crafting an expanding repertoire of original compositions seamlessly wedded to the undeniable pulse of Afro-Cuban jazz. His inventive blend marches boldly toward new sounds, effortlessly “confounding the genre police” (

Called a “Cello Goddess” by The New Yorker, Maya Beiser has captivated audiences worldwide with her virtuosity, eclectic repertoire and relentless quest to redefine her instrument’s boundaries. The Boston Globe declares, "With virtuoso chops, rock-star charisma, and an appetite for pushing her instrument to the edge of avant-garde adventurousness, Maya Beiser is the post-modern diva of the cello."

Click below to watch performances by Donal Fox Quartet with Maya Beiser:

"Air on a G String" 

"Milonga del Angel"

Click below to isten to Donal Fox in conversation with celebrated author Paul Elie on Radio Open Source, hosted by Christopher Lydon:

Reinventing Bach: Conversation with Paul Elie and Donal Fox


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Name:Donal Fox and Maya Beiser: Piazzolla to Bach
Date:April 11, 2013 08:00 PM –
April 11, 2013 09:30 PM
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