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Friday, June 22, 9:30 pm

$15 members & students
$20 nonmembers


Photo: Karen Snyder


an immersive story-art-party experience
Conceived and Directed by Mikhael Tara Garver



What if your phone let you in on the secret stories of strangers? Immersive theater artist Mikhael Tara Garver (Fornicated From the Beatles) collaborates with more than 50 writers, dancers, actors, and performers to bring you Experiment America.

Expect an evening filled to the brim with music, dancing, and hidden discoveries with unexpected encounters waiting in your pocket—and around every corner of our building. Part dance party, part performance, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience. Experiment America is presented as part of the Emerging America Festival, in partnership with the American Repertory Theater and the Huntington Theatre Company.

*Please be advised: Make sure your cell phone is fully charged before attending this event. If you do not have a cell phone, do not worry. There is still plenty of fun to be had!

 with technology so present. our stories are everywhere and simultaneously invisible.

At Experiment America 2012. Mikhael Tara Garver has created a large scale event that holds the voices, bodies and vision of over 100 artists.

It’s around every corner or maybe even the party-goer next to you, but it will all be surprising, sexy and fun.

In collaboration with Gabe Evansohn, Carl Faber, Tim Gilligan, Adam Goldstein, Max Pava, Will Pickens, Seth Reiser, Alli Ross & Jeff Stark.

Featuring plays by Sofia Alvarez, Bryn Boice, Kevin Broccoli, Paul Cohen, Nathan Dame, Jonathan Fitts, Wendy-Marie Foerster, H.F. Gerardo, Christina Ham, Cory Hinkle, Monet Hurst-Mendoza, John D. Ivy, Rachel Jendrzejewski, Robert Koon, Jan Libby, Tim J. Lord, Winter Miller, David Myers, MYNDWYRM, Dominic Orlando, Nicholas C. Pappas, Jason Gray Platt, Robert Plowman, Janaki Ranpura, Tommy Smith, and Georgia Young.

Created in conversation with the ICA permanent collection, Charline Von Heyl exhibit, and newly premiered Josiah McElheny exhibit.

And the one night installations and art by Katie Fleming, Stephen Squibb, Jean Barberis, Tom Beale, Todd Chandler, Ryder Cooley, Zelda Devon, Ryan C. Doyle, Paulie Anne Duke, Robin Frohardt, George Graham, Jill Guidera, Hackett, Robyn Hasty, Kurt Huggins, Laura McMillian, Ryan O’Connor, Sunita Prasad, Kristin Reger, Jordan Seiler, Jeff Stark, Susan Tarbet, Sarah Tompkins, Veronica Varlow, Angela Washko, and Sam Wilson.

With performances by Julia Atwood, Joie Bauer, James Blaszko, Tess Boris-Schacter, Bunty, Isabel Carey, Lex Caron, Melissa Kaitlyn Carter, Kelly Chick, Erin Cole, Dan Cozzens, Miriam Cross, Stephanie Crousillat, Lisa Dempsey, Enza DePalma, Anne Dufault, Ava Eisenson, Rose Fieschko, Becca Gastfriend, Mary Jane Gibson, Hannah Grady, Chien-hwe Carol Hong, Mel House, Obehi Janice, Poornima Kirby, Timothy N. Kopacz, Meron Langsner, Edan Laniado, Antonia Lassar, Jenna Leavitt, Charles Linshaw, Ianthe Marini, Elizabeth McGuire, Stav Meishar, Kenneth Miller, Jordan Morley, Robert Najarian, Julia Partyka, Luke Paulino, Max Pava, Michael R. Piazza, Ronny Preciado, Lynne Rosenberg, Alli Ross, Lilia Rubin, Lori Salmeri, Meredith Saran, Danny Satori, Jacob Sherburne, Lauren Simpson, Jordan Sobel, Robert St. Laurence, Rita Thompson, Colin Thurmond , Tara Jean Weaver, Widmine, and Josh Zammuto.

Production Coordination by Johanna Thelin and Lauren Z. Adleman.

Music DJ'd and Performed by toUch performing art featuring The WIG.


For ticketing, please visit or call the Box Office at 617-478-3103

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Experiment is presented as part of the Emerging America Festival, in partnership with the American Repertory Theater and the Huntington Theatre Company. For more informat ion about this and other programs in the festival, please visit



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Date:June 22, 2012 09:30 PM –
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