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Friday + Saturday
November 2 + 3, 2012
7:30 pm


$10 members + students
$20 nonmembers




Faye Driscoll's YOU'RE ME


“(Driscoll) is relentless as she peels back the layers of a self that is shaped by another.” —Evan Namerow, The Brooklyn Rail

How do our fantasies about ourselves create new possibilities of being? How do our fantasies about each other give birth to friction and loss? Who do we want to be? Are we getting it right? In this evening-length duet, Faye Driscoll’s You’re Me considers how our identity is not only made up and undone by those around us, but also portrays the impossible struggle to unhinge our identity from one another.

Driscoll and fellow performer Aaron Mattocks launch a sweaty, evocative, disturbing, and deeply funny battle about the nature of relationships. Designed by artist Emily Roysdon, the myriad props used by Driscoll and Mattocks during the performance include paint, clothing, wigs, costume-jewelry, baby powder, among other surprises.

Don’t miss this 90-minute, all-out exuberant performance.


"You're Me" Flipbook from Faye Driscoll on Vimeo.

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Name:Faye Driscoll's You're Me
Date:November 02, 2012 07:30 PM –
November 02, 2012 09:00 PM
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