Sierra Hull & Highway 111


Releasing her second album, Secrets, at the tender age of 16, Sierra Hull struck the ear with sensibilities that seemed both seasoned and fresh; kids’ stuff this was not. Three years and a move from her family’s home in tiny Byrdstown, TN, to Boston’s Berklee College of Music later, she’s followed with one of the most surefooted transitions into early adulthood put to record.

Sierra’s uncommon maturity has been there all along, winning her formidable fans. By age 11, Alison Krauss invited her to the Opry stage; by 12, Rounder was expressing interest; first Ron Block and now Barry Bales have served as co-producers, and her studio bands have featured the cream of the contemporary bluegrass crop—Stuart Duncan, Randy Kohrs, and Bryan Sutton among them, alongside members of Sierra’s own crack band Highway 111. Hull is also the recipient of Berklee's prestigious Presidential Scholarship, a first for a bluegrass musician; her choice to accept it, to delay her dream of hitting the road full-time after high school in favor of expanding her musical worldview, was hardly a light one.

Her third and current release, Daybreak, clearly showcases one of bluegrass’s few full-fledged virtuosic instrumentalist/singer/songwriters, and one who’s gracefully grown into her gifts.

“I can’t say enough about Sierra Hull…Sierra is truly a beautiful and talented gift to this world, so special and unique. Daybreak is an awakening.” —Dolly Parton

“Sierra is a remarkably talented, beautiful human being. Success could not come to a more worthy person. I adore her.”—Alison Krauss

“Sierra’s extraordinary ear and innate musicality are well-evidenced by this, her second LP. It’s a joy to hear her realizing her seemingly limitless potential.” —Chris Thile



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Name:Siera Hull & Highway 111
Date:September 01, 2011 06:00 PM –
September 01, 2011 08:30 PM
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