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Saturday, March 8
7 PM


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Sō Percussion & Grey McMurray:

Where (we) Live


Sō Percussion is a quartet based out of Brooklyn, NY. Individually, all four players are expert musicians, but as a group, their performances inspire an infectious sense of fun. During one of their performances hundreds of instruments fill the stage and are played with a sense of experimentation, driving rhythm, and a playful dose of humor, with influences ranging from classical composers like John Cage and Steve Reich to Brooklyn indie rock and improvised jazz.

Sō Percussion, along with singer songwriter Grey McMurray, perform their moving, theatrical creation Where (we) Live, an illuminating exploration of the interior life of artists. With propulsive original music and poignant storytelling, Sō details how they have created and defined “home” in their own lives: with their friends and colleagues at their studio in Brooklyn, with their wives, girlfriends and children, in New York, and their constellation of adopted homes around the country where they have toured and performed.

To create this work, Sō invited friends and past collaborators to contribute their own notions of home. Grey McMurray adds his personal, tender music. M. C. Schmidt, of the electronic duo Matmos, adds quirky, quiet videos of his home, and Emily Johnson, a Minnesota based choreographer and new collaborator, joins the group to mix things up, passing improvised notes and directions to the players, interrupting and complicating the entire performance, adding a reflection of the rarely static, ever-evolving nature of our own lives. Finally, the group will be joined by Maria Molteni, a Boston-based visual artist, who will set up her studio and create new work during the performance. For an hour, on stage at the ICA, So percussion, along with friends and colleagues, will be inspired, create, and construct a “home.”

The ICA recently spoke with So Percussion's Eric Beach and Jason Treuting. Read the full Q+A here. 

Click below to view an introduction to where (we) live by John Andress, Public Programs Manager.


To learn more about Sō Percussion, please click here.

The 2013–14 performance season at the ICA is presented with support from The Robert E. Davoli and Eileen L. McDonagh Charitable Foundation and Ellen Poss.

Photo (top): Janette Beckman

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Date:March 08, 2014 07:00 PM –
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