Program Info

Wednesday, March 19
2 PM 

UPDATE: This program has been canceled. 

FREE with museum admission.

Tickets are required and available on the day of the program. First-come, first-served.



Gallery Reading: Eleanor Antin


PLEASE NOTE: This program has been canceled. 

Eleanor Antin reads from Conversations with Stalin, her black-comic coming-of-age memoir in the tradition of Holden Caulfield, Huck Finn, Little Orphan Annie, and the irrepressible Dorothy on the road to Oz. It is a stand-up, punchy tale of a young girl’s struggle to find her way from her crazy dysfunctional family of first-generation Jewish Stalinist immigrants in the heart of New York in the early days of the Cold War. Her desperate, endearing, often hilarious quest for art, self, revolution and sex is abetted by a kindly avuncular Stalin dispensing bizarre advice that almost always “f***s everything up.”

In line with her exhibition Multiple Occupancy, Antin will also read from An Artist’s Life by Eleanora Antinova as told to Eleanor Antin (a work in progress).



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