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Friday, July 11 
Friday, July 18
Friday, August 1
Friday, August 29
Friday, September 5




Island Creek Oysters: Pop-Up Oyster Bar


From their purported aphrodisiac properties to their role as a symbol of wealth and lust in 17th-century Dutch still-life to their distinction as producer of ever-coveted pearls, oysters loom large in the collective culture. And of course, few things signify New England summers more than salty oysters on the half shell! This summer, we’re delighted to welcome back Island Creek Oysters and their popular pop-up raw bar for select Friday nights. As last year, ICO will be shucking an assortment of oysters and other local bivalves to sample. Slurp them plain, with tangy mignonette, or with just a spritz of lemon, then wash them down with a crisp white wine or a local beer.

We asked our friends at ICO for an introduction to the oysters we can expect to try this summer: 

Island Creeks | Duxbury, MA
Shallow but with a twice-daily inundation of cool 11-foot tides, nearby Duxbury Bay produces delightfully briny, firm oysters. Frequently recommended by oyster shuckers and connoisseurs, Island Creeks have been called the quintessential East Coast oyster: a perfect balance of salt and sweetness.

Moon Shoals | Barnstable, MA
Smooth and much less salty, Moon Shoals have a distinctive creamy sweetness that ICO likens to milk-soaked bread. The farmer, Jon, who’s also a full-time fire fighter, shakes his oysters by hand every single day to help them develop their characteristic deep shells! 

Wellfleets | Wellfleet Harbor, MA 
Some oyster experts say the taste of the water you splashed in as a kid is what you’ll always associate with the sea. For
Bostonians who’ve spent time on the Cape, there’s no beating classic Wellfleets, with their salty, nutty, slightly mineral flavor.

Available during select Summer Fridays:

July 11 | Wavelengths: Dean Wareham

July 18 | Wavelengths: Autre Ne Veut

August 1 | First Fridays: White Hot

August 29 | Wavelengths: Boston DJ Round Robin

September 5 | First Fridays: Endless Summer



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