Matthew Ritchie, The Salt Pit, 2008
Matthew Ritchie

Invested in the transformation of a vast information network into objects, Matthew Ritchie makes paintings, sculpture, lenticular light boxes, short fiction, interactive games, animated video, and expansive wall drawings. Ritchie’s omnivorous approach to comprehending and visualizing...

R. H. Quaytman, Exhibition Guide, Chapter 15 [white diamond dust arrow pattern], 2009
R. H. Quaytman

R. H. Quaytman grew up in a family of artists. Although she came of age in an era when painting was considered suspect, generally eclipsed by video, performance, and minimalist sculpture, Quaytman’s pursuit of the medium has been passionate and unswerving since the late 1980s and early...

Lucy McKenzie, Untitled, 2004. Oil on canvas
Lucy McKenzie

A fiercely experimental artist, a catalyst in her native Glasgow art community, and a deeply perceptive writer on the work of her peers, Lucy McKenzie is a foremost emerging artist. Like Andy Warhol or Martin Kippenberger, McKenzie has a profoundly self-conscious sensibility, one that is...

Klara Lidén, "Untitled (Poster Painting)," 2010
Klara Lidén

Originally trained as an architect, Klara Lidén uses found material to create psychologically charged sculptures, paintings, and installations that mine the anxieties of the urban environment. Scavenging the streets of cities around the world, Lidén collects detritus to build...

Annette Lemieux Homecoming, 1985
Annette Lemieux

In the 1980s, Annette Lemieux was part of the burgeoning scene of appropriation artists working in New York, including Sarah Charlesworth, Barbara Kruger, David Salle (for whom Lemieux worked as a studio assistant for a time), and Cindy Sherman. Lemieux uses painting, photography, and found-...

Kai Althoff, "Untitled," 2004
Kai Althoff

Kai Althoff borrows from history, religious iconography, and countercultural movements to create imaginary environments that commingle paintings, sculpture, drawing, video, and found objects. Tapping a multitude of sources—from Germanic folk traditions to recent popular culture, from medieval and Gothic religious imagery to early modern expressionism—Althoff places his characters in fantastic realms that serve as allegories for human experience and emotion.

Lisa Yuskavage "Motherfucking Rock," 1996
Lisa Yuskavage

Lisa Yuskavage paints hyper-sexualized images of women, assigning them poses that seem to be taken from pornography and giving them traditionally desirable qualities such as large breasts. Yet she undermines the usual relationship...

Nancy Spero, Birth
Nancy Spero

Throughout her more than sixty years as an artist, Nancy Spero maintained a commitment to socially and politically engaged art. In her paintings, collages, prints, drawings, and murals, she expressed stances that were antiwar, antiviolence, and, most notably, feminist. Spero was a member of a...

Amy Sillman, Unearth
Amy Sillman

Amy Sillman’s work is aligned with that of Richard Diebenkorn, Philip Guston, and Willem de Kooning in blurring the boundary between abstraction and figuration. What makes Sillman’s work unique is the freedom with which she experiments with color. Early in her career, she painted in...

Joan Semmel, Green Heart, 1971
Joan Semmel

Joan Semmel’s Erotic Series (or “fuck paintings”) of the 1970s, subsequent nude self-portraits, and recent unflinching depictions of her aging body establish her as one of the most important feminist painters of her generation. Over a fifty-year career, Semmel...


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