Anthony Hernandez

Anthony Hernandez’s subtle yet charged photographs focus on social issues, urban dwellings, and individuals living at the margins of society. His subjects directly confront the camera’s gaze, often seeming slightly disturbed by its—or our—presence. After graduating from...

Laurie Simmons, Walking Camera (Jimmy the Camera / Gift to Jimmy from Laurie), from The Walking Series, 1987
Laurie Simmons

In the late 1970s, Laurie Simmons began employing photography as a means of critiquing representations of women in mass media. Simmons drew on childhood memories of her mother and representations of mothers she saw on television in the 1950s to stage imagined domestic tableaux, often with a lone...

John Houck, Petals and Interleaves, 2016
John Houck

The work of John Houck explores the possibility of combining multiple perspectives in a single photographic image. Though they appear to be digitally altered, Houck’s photographs develop from a meticulous analog studio-based process of layering successive images to create powerful visual...

Sara VanDerBeek The Principle of Superimposition 2, 2008
Sara VanDerBeek

Fascinated by the relationship between sculpture and photography, Sara VanDerBeek constructs assemblages of objects and images that she then photographs to produce the final work. To locate the materials and images she uses for these fusions of photography and sculpture she searches a variety of...

Sara VanDerBeek Continuum Blue, 2008
Sara VanDerBeek

Deeply invested in the examination of the historical relationship of photography and sculpture, Sara VanDerBeek often constructs assemblages of objects and images for the express purpose of photographing them. She draws her found materials and images from a variety of sources—art-...

Eileen Quinlan A Ground in the Air, 2010
Eileen Quinlan

Eileen Quinlan’s staged and evocative photographs consider how the hand of the artist expresses itself in the photographic medium. Her work touches upon a wide range of subjects, from feminism, parenting, and aging to “screen culture” and existentialism. Early in her career,...

Gabriel Orozco "Yielding Stone Image," 1992/2009
Gabriel Orozco

Employing a diverse array of mediums, Gabriel Orozco makes works that are infused with wit and insight. Often depicting banal objects submitted to absurd gestures, from a car cut lengthwise (La D.S., 1993) to an ice-cream cone placed on top of a bush (Ice Cream House, 1995),...

Catherine Opie, Elizabeth, 2013
Catherine Opie

Over her career, Catherine Opie has created a defining and powerful body of photographic work. Since the mid-1980s, Opie has been documenting the United States—its landscape and inhabitants—capturing a vast array of subjects, from freeways and football fields to the S/M community,...


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