Boris Mikhailov

Boris Mikhailov is one of the leading photographers of the former Soviet Union. Trained as an engineer, Mikhailov is largely self-taught in photography and his work was not widely exhibited until the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Deeply rooted in the history and political climate of Eastern...

Luther Price

Luther Price is known for his work with Super-8 and 16mm film, particularly for constructing films out of discarded prints of documentaries, snippets of Hollywood features, and other fragments of cinema. He frequently physically manipulates this found footage by scratching, distressing, and...

LaToya Ruby Frazier, "Momme," 2008
LaToya Ruby Frazier

By blurring the line between documentary photography and portraiture, LaToya Ruby Frazier’s photographs and videos address issues of propaganda, politics, and the importance of individual identity and agency. Over the course of the last decade, Frazier’s practice has manifested as an...


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