Mark Morrisroe "Nymph-O-Maniac" Promo Still Spectacular Studios, 1984
Mark Morrisroe

During his brief ten-year career, photographer, filmmaker, and performance artist Mark Morrisroe produced an innovative and varied body of work. A participant in the punk scene in Boston in the 1970s and in the queer music and art scene in New York City in the 1980s, Morrisroe placed the...

Abelardo Morell Camera Obscura: Houses Across The Street in Our Bedroom, Quincy, Massachusetts, 1991
Abelardo Morell

For the past thirty years, Boston-based Abelardo Morell has pursued a photographic practice that spans intimate black-and-white prints and large color images made by converting rooms into huge camera obscuras. First gaining attention in the 1980s for small-scale portraits of ordinary objects and...

Leslie Hewitt "Riffs on Real Time (3 of 10)", from the "Riffs on Real Time" series
Leslie Hewitt

In her films, photographs, sculptures, and site-specific installations, Leslie Hewitt explores how photography provides access to memories of personal experience, frames understanding of the self, and shapes and preserves the collective memory of historical events. Hewitt’s distinctive...

LaToya Ruby Frazier Momme Portrait Series (Floral Comforter), from The Notion of Family series, 2008
LaToya Ruby Frazier

In her work in photography, video, and performance, LaToya Ruby Frazier addresses contemporary topics such as inequality in access to healthcare and the societal and personal consequences of deindustrialization. Combining documentary modes with portraiture, she presents candid glimpses of...

LaToya Ruby Frazier Mom Making an Image of Me, from The Notion of Family series, 2008
LaToya Ruby Frazier

In her photographic, video, and performance work, LaToya Ruby Frazier addresses issues that range from the personal to the political. Over the course of the last decade, Frazier’s practice has focused on the social, economic, and environmental deterioration of her hometown of Braddock,...

LaToya Ruby Frazier Huxtables, Mom, and Me, from The Notion of Family series, 2008
LaToya Ruby Frazier

Through photography, video, and performance, LaToya Ruby Frazier addresses a wide range of topics that concern her—from access to healthcare and the effects of deindustrialization to her family history. Combining social documentary modes with portraiture, Frazier creates penetrating views...

Shannon Ebner Yes Tomorrow, No Tomorrow, 2006
Shannon Ebner

To explore the relationship between verbal language and photography, Shannon Ebner literally builds letters, words, and phrases from sundry materials and then sites and photographs them. She constructs imagery using language that is itself constructed.

In Yes Tomorrow, No Tomorrow...

Shannon Ebner "The Day–Sob–Dies," 2005
Shannon Ebner

Shannon Ebner mines the correlations between language and photography. Drawing on a wide range of texts—from poetry and experimental writing to Indian sign language and political speech—she builds letters and phrases out of vernacular materials such as cardboard and cinder blocks,...

Rineke Dijkstra, Tiergarten, Berlin, August 13, 2000
Rineke Dijkstra

Rineke Dijkstra is best known for her striking and intimate portraits and videos of young people. Shooting her subjects frontally, she often presents individuals in moments of transition—women after childbirth, newly displaced child refugees, and young military recruits—and focuses...

Liz Deschenes "Green Screen #4," 2001/2016
Liz Deschenes

Liz Deschenes is known for lushly beautiful and meditative work in photography and sculpture that probes the relationship between the mechanics of seeing, image-making processes, and modes of display. She employs various photographic technologies to explore the symbolic power of color and...


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