Nan Goldin's "From Here to Maternity"
Nan Goldin

For over three decades, Nan Goldin has been making documentary-style photographs of intimate moments, creating a rich trove of images of contemporary life. Most of her subjects are close friends and family members, who pose boldly and comfortably in front of Goldin’s camera.


Nan Goldin "Ulrike, Stockholm," 1998
Nan Goldin


Nan Goldin's "Lil laughing, Swampscott, MA"
Nan Goldin

Renowned photographer Nan Goldin has a long association with Boston and specifically the ICA/Boston. In 1985, the ICA presented Goldin’s legendary The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, one of her first museum exhibitions, and has shown her work numerous times since. Lil Laughing,...

Nan Goldin, Bruce in the smoke, Pozzuoli, Italy, 1995
Nan Goldin

An influential artist known for her seemingly spontaneous, personal photographs of family and friends, Nan Goldin finds the unique and intimate embedded in the ordinary. Goldin has a long and significant history both in Boston and with the ICA/Boston: she studied at the Museum School of the...

Nan Goldin's "Honda brothers in cherry blossom storm, Tokyo"
Nan Goldin

For over forty years, Nan Goldin has created a visual diary of her closest friends and relatives, documenting the remarkable and at times difficult moments in everyday life. Lovers embrace, performers and drag queens wait backstage, and family members meet at death beds in Goldin’s corpus...

Nan Goldin, Self-Portrait on the Train, Germany, 1992
Nan Goldin

Photographer Nan Goldin is best known for intimate portraits of herself, her family, and her friends, and is acclaimed for her distinctive ability to capture the surreal aspects of the everyday. She was a teenager in Boston, attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and then moved to New...

Nan Goldin's "Chrissy with her 100-year-old grandmother, Provincetown"
Nan Goldin

A celebrated photographer with roots in Boston and at the ICA/Boston, Nan Goldin has made intense portraits of her friends, family, and strangers. In 1985, the ICA presented Goldin’s The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, one of her first museum exhibitions, and has shown her work...

Noriko Furunishi Untitled (Grey Dry Stream), 2005
Noriko Furunishi

Noriko Furunishi is known for her otherworldly depictions of deserts, mountains, ridges, and riverbeds through a combination of traditional and digital photographic techniques. Many of her photographs have vertical formats and layered compositions and recall traditional Japanese and Chinese...


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