Lorna Simpson, ID
Lorna Simpson

Lorna Simpson began to create text-and-image works in the mid-1980s in response to the assumptions about race, culture, and gender that viewers made when encountering her photographs in galleries and museums. By combining words with faceless portraits or photographs of body parts, Simpson calls...

Cindy Sherman, Untitled
Cindy Sherman

Performance and photography are fused in Cindy Sherman’s now-signature “self-portraits.” Since the mid-1970s, she has photographed herself in theatrically staged environments, transforming her appearance with cosmetics, costumes, and wigs. After finishing the black-and-white...

COLLECTION_Sherman_Film Still 54
Cindy Sherman

The series Untitled Film Stills, 1977–80, marks Cindy Sherman’s seminal foray into her now-signature photographic practice. Reimagining the genre of portraiture, she plays the roles of both actor and director, transforming her persona with simple props and costumes, makeup,...

Cindy Sherman, Film Still
Cindy Sherman

Since the mid-1970s, Cindy Sherman has been photographing herself in staged environments, transforming her appearance with costumes, makeup, and wigs. She began the series Untitled Film Stills in 1977 and continued it until 1980, by which time it comprised sixty-nine black-and-white...

Cindy Sherman, Film Still
Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman is known for identity-morphing “self-portraits” that explore female character types. Since her days as a student in Buffalo in the mid-1970s, Sherman has been taking increasingly flamboyant photographs of herself in staged environments, transforming her appearance with...

Ana Mendieta, Silueta Works in Mexico, 1973–1977
Ana Mendieta

Ana Mendieta became known in the 1970s for her fusion of performance, feminist, and land art. Many of her performances were documented photographically and now exist as printed images. Using her own body in interaction with nature, Mendieta explored themes of transience and mortality, which have...

Louise Lawler, Untitled, 1988
Louise Lawler

Louise Lawler explores the contexts in which works of art are viewed and circulated. Working primarily in photography, since the late 1970s she has recorded art in collectors’ homes, museums, auction houses, commercial galleries, and corporate offices, whether installed above copier...

Nan Goldin, Matt and Lewis in the Tub Kissing, Cambridge, 1988
Nan Goldin

Nan Goldin makes her art from her life. For over thirty years, she has photographed her friends and her scene with an eye that is part documentarian, part poète maudit. Her photographs from the late 1970s and ’80s capture a particularly lively moment in Boston’s past, when she...

Sandra Cinto, Untitled, 1999
Sandra Cinto

Sandra Cinto rose to prominence in the late 1980s. In her drawing-based work, she develops the possibilities of line at an architectural scale, and brings attention to the multiple layers of visual experience. Cinto often depicts the...


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