Prints and drawings

Andy Warhol, "Electric Chair (detail)," 1971
Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol began his career as an illustrator for advertisements and magazines, and by the 1960s had become one of the most prominent figures in pop art. Warhol experimented with a wide range of media—from filmmaking and video to painting, printmaking, and performance, often carried out...

Sherrie Levine, After Henri Matisse, 1985
Sherrie Levine

Sherrie Levine is known for her strategy of naked appropriation. Since 1983, she has used photography, drawing, painting, and sculpture to reproduce in full the work of canonical male modernists. A member of the so-called Pictures Generation, Levine employs what Douglas Crimp called “...

Ellen Gallagher, DeLuxe, 2004-2005
Ellen Gallagher

Over the past two decades, Ellen Gallagher has built a body of work that investigates and problematizes the history of black representation. Gallagher rose to prominence as a painter of minimal paintings that toe the line between figuration and abstraction, works with which she sought to subtly...

Charline von Heyl, Untitled, 2003
Charline von Heyl

Born in Germany, Charline von Heyl moved to New York in the mid-1990s and has pursued a vigorous and multivalent artistic practice. In her paintings, drawings, prints, and collages, von Heyl harnesses abstraction as a process of discovery, adding marks and obliterating them to produce vibrant...

Kelly Sherman Wish Lists (detail), 2006
Kelly Sherman

Kelly Sherman’s video- and text-based work reveals the dynamics of family and social relationships through carefully constructed charts, graphs, diagrams, and picture sequences. Sherman derives her source materials from her own experiences and those of strangers as gleaned from online...

Jimmy DeSana, 101 Nudes, 1972/1991
Jimmy DeSana

Photographer Jimmy De Sana was part of the countercultural “punk” community of artists and musicians living in New York’s East Village in the 1970s and ’80s. Among his best-known works are portraits of important figures from that scene, including Debbie Harry and Billy...

Yayoi Kusama "A Flower (No. 14)," 1953
Yayoi Kusama

Although her work encompasses painting, photography, sculpture, and video, Yayoi Kusama is perhaps best known for her overwhelming installations. Using various combinations of motifs such as lights, dots, and phalluses, Kusama creates environments that are frequently described as “...

Eva Hesse, Untitled, 1963
Eva Hesse

Although a brain tumor ended the life of Eva Hesse at age thirty-four, the style of postminimalism she developed during her abbreviated career has made her one of the most influential artists of the postwar period. Hesse blended the industrial materials and hard, geometric shapes of minimalism...

Gilbert & George, Sky Blue World, 1989
Gilbert and George

Gilbert Prousch and George Passmore, better known as Gilbert and George, have worked together since the mid-1960s. They have described their relationship in life and work by saying, “It’s not a collaboration… . We are two people, but one artist.” In the late 1960s and...

Swoon, Coney Island Installation, 2005

Since 1999, Swoon (born Caledonia Curry) has made cut-paper figures that she applies, often illicitly, to the exterior walls of industrial buildings. In recent years, she has started to make work for museums and galleries, in part to help support her interventions in public space.



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