Josiah McElheny, Czech Modernism Mirrored and Reflected Infinitely, 2005
Josiah McElheny

Josiah McElheny’s installations of handmade glass objects in precisely designed vitrines, pedestals, or wall units with explanatory texts, documentation, or titles entice us to reflect on the origins of this traditional craft, the history of aesthetics it embodies, and the ideologies these...

Kerry James Marshall, Untitled, 1998
Kerry James Marshall

At age eight, Kerry James Marshall moved with his family from Birmingham to the neighborhood of Watts in South Central Los Angeles. The environment of his upbringing had a profound impact on the subject matter of his work, which revisits the legacy of the Civil Rights era and the nation’s...

Glenn Ligon, Rückenfigur, 2009
Glenn Ligon

Though Glenn Ligon began his career as an abstract painter, after enrolling in the Whitney Independent Study Program in the mid-1980s he turned to more conceptual concerns. He is now known for using text and found images to introduce a broad range of references in his work.


Charles LeDray, Untitled, 1992
Charles LeDray

In a distinctive and powerful body of work, produced over the past twenty years, Charles LeDray has employed diverse sculptural languages and materials such as needle-stitched cloth, carved human bone, and hand-thrown ceramics. In an era of high-tech production values, LeDray...

Thomas Hirschhorn's "Wood-Chain VIII (Pisa Tower)"
Thomas Hirschhorn

Over the past decade, Thomas Hirschhorn has become known for ephemeral constructions he calls “displays” rather than “installations.” Often overflowing their museum or gallery environments, these works resemble shanties, makeshift altars, or department stores gone awry....

Tara Donovan, Nebulous, 2008
Tara Donovan

Tara Donovan often constructs her installations and sculptures by transforming large quantities of mass-produced items—such as drinking straws, straight pins, wooden toothpicks, and plastic buttons—into stunning works of phenomenal impact. She frequently uses the inherent...

Taylor Davis, "Untitled,"  2001.
Taylor Davis

Through her sculptural work, Taylor Davis explores the relationship between object and viewer through precise manipulations of form. Her work, often made of wood and industrial materials, investigates issues of orientation, space, identity, and perception. Taylor Davis is a long-time and...

Louise Bourgeois, Janus, 1968-77
Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bourgeois has been creating poignant, cathartic work for more than seventy years, exploring sexuality, the human form, and traumatic events from her childhood. Janus is an evocatively corporeal object, formed out of sleekly polished, milky-hued porcelain. Bourgeois is well known...

Louise Bourgeois, Cell (Hands and Mirror), 1995
Louise Bourgeois

One of the most influential artists of the last century, Louise Bourgeois has produced a distinctive oeuvre over her seventy-year career, combining abstraction and figuration and a wide array of media to explore sexuality, the body, everyday life, and trauma.

Cell (Hands and Mirror...

Mona Hatoum, T42, 1998
Mona Hatoum

London-based Palestinian Mona Hatoum has long associated the familiar with the uncanny in an arresting and visceral oeuvre. In the 1980s, she made video and performance works that explore political, ethnic, and personal identity through the body, often her own. At the end of the 1980s, she began...


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