Time-based media

Nari Ward, Pushing Savior, 1996
Nari Ward


Nalini Malani, Penelope, 2012
Nalini Malani

Nalini Malani is one of India’s most prominent contemporary artists and a pioneer of video art in South Asia. She and her family became refugees in 1947 as a result of the partition of India, which divided the country along religious lines. Malani originally studied...

Steve McQueen, "Ashes," 2002-15
Steve McQueen

Over the past twenty years, Steve McQueen’s moving-image works have developed from his iconic silent videos to powerful sound-driven works. In his films, he establishes exquisite, visceral relationships between moving bodies and the architectural spaces that surround or confine them—...

Mika Rottenberg, NoNoseKnows (50 Kilos variant), 2015
Mika Rottenberg

In her absurdist films, Mika Rottenberg views the systems of capital through the lens of the offbeat, the exaggerated, and the gaudy. Her vision combines a penchant for the visceral, be it expressed through languid foodstuffs or bodily emanations, with a desire to express the physical realities...

Hito Steyerl, Liquidity Inc., 2014
Hito Steyerl

Since the late 1990s, when Hito Steyerl became well known as an artist, writer, and filmmaker exploring the forms and potential of the experimental documentary, her work has consistently probed the power and complexity of images. Steyerl’s themes have expanded over the decade to tackle the...

Dara Birnbaum, "Kiss the Girls, Make Them Cry," 1979
Dara Birnbaum

Since emerging as one of the most important video artists of the 1980s, Dara Birnbaum has used video, sound, found footage, and an array of editing and image-processing techniques to investigate the content and conventions of television and mass media.

Kiss the Girls: Make Them Cry...

Luther Price, Number 9, 2012-13 (detail)
Luther Price

Luther Price is Boston-based filmmaker and video artist who constructs his pieces by using found footage drawn from a vast array of sources, including documentaries, pornography, and Hollywood features. His practice involves physically manipulating film, exposing the medium to extreme conditions...

Ragnar Kjartansson. The Visitors, 2012
Ragnar Kjartansson

Ragnar Kjartansson draws on a variety of cultural sources—from American musical traditions to the landscapes of his native Iceland—to create memorable works that challenge the boundaries between reality and fiction. His videos are often humorous, placing the performer against extreme...

Ragnar Kjartansson, The Man, 2010
Ragnar Kjartansson

Ragnar Kjartansson makes performance and video works that sample a wide range of cultural productions, from the sagas of his native Iceland to American blues music. Investigating the porous boundaries between reality and fiction, Kjartansson’s song-filled performances are often inspired by...

Sharon Hayes, Richerche: three, 2013
Sharon Hayes

Through performances and multimedia installations, Sharon Hayes investigates how speech—both public and private—transects with politics, history, personal identity, desire, and love. By appropriating the tools of twentieth-century protest and demonstration, she reconfigures the...


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