The Best of Ottawa program showcases many audience favorites and award winners from the Ottawa International Animation Festival competition. The Best of Ottawa 2017 showcase offers a sampling of exceptional animated short films that offer moments of humor, profundity and inspiration. The works in this collection provide a unique cross-section of some of the best contemporary film artists from around the world.

This year’s showcase includes films that explore our notions of identity and how we reconcile ourselves and our experiences with the world around us. “Riot” is a particularly poignant film in today’s political climate, a combination of animation and live-action footage that deftly captures the emotion at the heart of race relation issues. “Mark Lotterman ‘Happy’” explores how the self can become lost in our desire to be part of a collective, the visuals enhanced by the lyrics of Lotterman’s song. “Four Faces of the Moon” explores the filmmaker’s own identity as an indigenous person and how she connects with her history and the history of Canada.

Founded in 1976, the Ottawa Animation Festival is the oldest and largest animation event in the Americas. For 41 years the OIAF has been exhibiting the world’s most edgy, eclectic, and mind-blowing animation content, celebrating traditional animation while pioneering experimental and computer-animated films.

This program is recommended for mature audiences.