Lucy Kim, Dr. Melissa Doft, Plastic Surgeon 1, 2016
Lucy Kim

Trained as a painter, Lucy Kim has developed a robust body of work situated between meticulous image-making and low-relief sculpture, to explore the sometimes uncomfortable spaces between the natural and artificial.

Kim’s painted wall sculpture, Dr. Melissa Doft, Plastic...

Dana Schutz, Big Wave, 2016
Dana Schutz

American artist Dana Schutz is best known for her distinctive visual style characterized by vibrant color and tactile brushwork. Her large-scale paintings capture imaginary stories, hypothetical situations, and impossible physical feats. Schutz’s at once dark and humorous paintings combine...

Laura Owens, Untitled, 2016
Laura Owens

Laura Owens is celebrated as one of the most innovative painters of our time, pushing the boundaries of the medium through her research of new materials, paints, and dyes, and through her incorporation of digital paint software and processes into her work. Owens’s work proposes a vital...

Laura Owens, Untitled, 2015
Laura Owens

For the past twenty years, artist Laura Owens has pursued an ambitious and experimental practice that expands painting’s methods and means of presentation. In collaboration with technicians and assistants, Owens researches and develops new viscosities of paint, new techniques to dye fabric...

Sanya Kantarovsky's painting Violet
Sanya Kantarovsky

Sanya Kantarovsky creates humorous and wistful paintings—from surreal portraits to abstract compositions—that are infused with social commentary. Incorporating memories of his childhood in Moscow and cultural references, Kantarovsky often uses the language of cartoons. Born in 1982,...

Jenny Holzer, Enclosure (Deep Red), 2006
Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holzer’s text-based works are rooted in conceptual art, semiotics, and feminism. Holzer emerged in the 1980s by harnessing the power of language in the public realm to interrogate such issues as violence, sex, and money. Rooted in conceptual art and feminism, Holzer’s...

ALIGHIERO BOETTI Oggi il settimo giorno del settimo mese dell'anno millenovecento ottantotto…per Giampaolo Prearo editore 1988
Alighiero e Boetti

Alighiero Boetti was one of the most important artists associated with the Italian Arte Povera movement. Boetti sought to subvert traditional notions of authorship, dubbing himself “Alighiero e Boetti” (implying a partnership by adding “and” between his first and last...

Sadie Benning, Crowd, 2015
Sadie Benning

Sadie Benning has been an important and original voice in the worlds of contemporary art, film, and music since the 1990s. Benning first came to prominence from her PixelVision videos, made on an early, toy version of a digital video camera. Raw, formally innovative, and autobiographical, these...

Henry Taylor, i’m yours
Henry Taylor

Henry Taylor depicts contemporary life in bold and direct acrylic paintings. Taylor has described his paintings—mostly portraits of people—as landscapes of his social scene, encompassing his immediate community in Los Angeles, his family, and famous African-American icons. Vitally...

Chantal Joffe, Self-Portrait with Esme, 2009
Chantal Joffe

The figurative works of Chantal Joffe reveal the artist’s keen observation of everyday life and her active engagement with the medium of painting. Often large in scale and boldly colored, her paintings depict female figures in a wide range of poses and couplings. Joffe culls her subjects...


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