Dana Schutz, Sneeze, 2002
Dana Schutz

Dana Schutz paints abstracted figures in the midst of outlandish, gruesome, or humiliating situations. She begins by visualizing an absurd or impossible event––figures eating their own faces, carving shapes into their necks, or attempting to smoke cigarettes while swimming underwater...

Ree Morton, Regional Piece, 1975-76
Ree Morton

During an artistic career lasting only from the mid-1960s until her untimely death in 1977, Ree Morton produced work of remarkable breadth. While she achieved notable success in the 1970s, after her death she largely fell out of the art-historical purview, only to be “rediscovered...

Marlene Dumas, "The Messengers," 1992
Marlene Dumas

The work of Marlene Dumas explores the thematic relationships between parenthood, sexuality, and death. Using a wide range of photographic source material, from her own Polaroids to newspaper images and pornography, Dumas creates paintings and drawings that are focused largely on the human body...

Lynette Yiadom-Boakye

The paintings of British-Ghanaian artist and writer Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, feature imagined characters and narratives, and reveal a sense of poetry and emotional depth in everyday scenes. Nearly all of her paintings begin with a formal problem—painterly questions of light, color, and...


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