When the Stars Begin to Fall

Featuring 35 artists who share an interest in the American South, this exhibition explores the relationship between contemporary art, black life, and “outsider” art.


Sonic Arboretum

Immerse yourself in this engrossing installation of colorful horn speakers by Ian Schneller and original music by Andrew Bird, looped and layered to generate a symphonic field. 

Matthew Ritchie: Remanence

In Remanence, painting escapes its traditional confines both dimensionally—by extending across the art wall to the adjacent bay of windows—as well as materially—through the inclusion of sound.

Miwa Matreyek: Myth & Infrastructure & This World Made Itself

Multimedia artist Miwa Matreyek combines mediums for one-of-a-kind experiences.

Vacation Week at the ICA

Art activities and gallery games all week long!
FREE for youth 17 and under!

Meet the Author: Claudia Rankine and Citizen

National Book Award Winner Claudia Rankine joins Jill Medvedow, to discuss Rankine’s thoughtful, provocative and timely reflections on race in America, as described in her 2014 book Citizen: An American Lyric.



Please note: The ICA will be closed on Monday, April 20 (Patriot's Day). We are open regular hours on Tuesday, April 21. Join us for family vacation week activities! 



April 21, 2015
Tuesday , 12:00 AM
June 14, 2015 Sunday , 11:59 PM

Featuring Dennis Congdon, Jesal Kapadia, Tomáš Moravec, Sarah Oppenheimer, Josue Pellot, and Nicholas Sullivan.
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Contemporary Artist's Eye: Art Making for All Ages

Families Family Art-Making Workshops
April 21, 2015
Tuesday , 11:00 AM
April 23, 2015 Thursday , 04:00 PM

Explore contemporary art in the galleries, then design your own picture-and-word quilt or collage using mixed materials in the Bank of America Art Lab.
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Gallery Performance: Bromp Treb

Music Performance
April 23, 2015
Thursday , 07:30 PM to 08:30 PM

Musician Neil Young Colaca composes and improvises, using an intentionally unstable system of his own creation.
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