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Are you ready to protect your community? Are you willing to !ght for justice? Show your super skills by making your own superhero mask!

This activity is adaptable for beginners to experts. Younger children may need assistance using scissors to cut cardboard/paper. Great for individuals, groups, and families to work on together at home.


icons_mask costume.png

Mask template or a piece of paper, fabric, or cardboard (a cereal box works great!)






Tape or stapler


String or elastic band


Decoration supplies: markers, paint, sequins, feathers, glue, etc. 




If using the included mask template, move on to step 2. If designing your own mask, work with a buddy at home to measure the width of your face. Have your buddy hold up the piece of paper to your face and use a pencil to carefully make “X” marks on the paper at each of your temples. (Your temples are between your eyes and ears.) Sketch your mask and be sure the design reaches each “X” mark. 

Measure the distance between your eyes to create the eye holes on your mask. Work with an adult to hold up your mask to your face and using a pencil, very gently and carefully, make an “X” mark near each of your eyes. You don’t want the pencil to go through the paper. Put the paper back down on your work surface and draw the design of the eye holes. 
Using scissors, cut out the shape of the mask. To cut out the eye holes, work with an adult and use a pencil to poke holes through each “X” mark, then round out the eye holes using scissors. Once cut, put down the scissors, then hold up the mask to your face to test if you can see out of the eye holes. Modify if necessary. 
To give your mask more details and to bring it to life, color and decorate your mask. For extra “air, use tape or glue to attach decorative materials that suit your superhero like sequins, feathers, dried leaves, tin foil, etc.
Attach ear loops. Measure the string or elastic band from your temple around the back of your ear, then cut two pieces at this length. Attach the string/elastic band by either poking a hole through the mask and tying o# the string, or taping or stapling the string ends to the mask. 


This activity was created by Sergio Salicio-Lupiañez, Visitor Assistant.

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