Teen Convening Reflection

I have so much gratitude for being included in the teen convening this year. The presentations about the different programs were all engaging and inspiring to hear about. Everyone’s views of the importance of art were very different but at the same time very alike. I was very grateful for the support of all the other students and adults alike. I loved hearing about the students who make different forms of art and their artistic process as well as the students who engage with art and their thoughts about the future of art.

—Chaya B., 12th grade

It was genuinely an invaluable time to interact with fellow art-inclined Angelinos; the best session, for me personally, was the time designated for making the collaborative and interactive piece with other youth, and the information presentations that each organization gave regarding their particular program. If anything, all I might recommend would be the audience preparing questions for the panel beforehand. The whole day and give-aways were great! Quite a successful first time, I’d say. 🙂

—Victoria G., 12th grade

Going into the convening, I was not really sure what was going to happen and I was a little nervous to meet all the other teens and coordinators. However, I did not need to be nervous at all. Everyone was so friendly and easy to talk to and I felt like I had known everyone for years. The performances were outstanding and I felt so jealous of everyone’s talents. It was amazing being able to share all our experiences and responsibilities with the other teens and got to understand how other teen programs work, and how much impact they have on the teens in the program and the teens in our city. I almost teared up multiple times during the convening because of how much of a community I felt between me and the other people at the convening. Nothing is better than being able to have endless conversations with people who have similar interests and outlooks on the world, especially when the thing you love is something most people do not understand. With the current political climate and kids my age not understand or caring about art like we used to, it is so important to me to be able to see all these other people who care so much about how powerful and essential art is to the world.

—Lilly M., 12th grade

Art in a worldly sense has always been seen as inferior to contributions such as medicine, computer science, etc; yet the art world is one of the most complex, positive contributors to society. The Regional Teen Convening held at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is a prime example of this. During these few number of hours, a network of support, creativity, and kindness was built instantaneously. From the presentations of each program’s workings and contributions to performances from various members of all scopes of creativity, the Teen Convening exhibited a look into just a sliver of the magnificence that encompasses the arts. Following an afternoon of shared experiences, skills, and lunch, each member gained knowledge and worldliness from listening to one another. The Regional Teen Convening was a definite success, and a perfect example of the intellect and support that embodies the importance of art in today’s society, and on.

-–Zara S., 11th grade

The Teen Convention held at LACMA was extremely enlightening. Through this eye-opening experience I was not only able to learn of the diverse opportunities within the city of Los Angeles, but also I was shown, once again, the intense passion and love the educators and interns have for their programs and art. Meeting with the different interns and educators and listening in during the panel discussion and other various activities was an interesting experience. Through the discussions and activities we were shown the most unique and intriguing aspect of art; the varying but also coinciding interpretations and opinions were shown as we discussed the topics of art, art education, and the future. The teen convening held at LACMA was an extremely rewarding and helpful experience.

—Brian H., 12th grade