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Using dance, chalk, and imagination, create your own Dance Spot on your neighborhood sidewalk!

Dance Spot is a public art project by artist Elisa Hamilton, who creates pop-up dance floors on city sidewalks and invites the public to dance. 


  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Piece of paper and pencil

How to make a Dance Spot:

1. Dance: Choose a song that makes you dance, feel the rhythm in your body, and create dance moves. Notice where your feet move and where your body travels.

2. Map: On a piece of paper, draw a map of your dance. Draw footsteps to show where your feet start, and where they move. Use arrows, squiggly lines, and action words like “Jump” and “Clap” to show the moves of your dance.

3. Chalk: Using chalk, draw a life-size copy of your map on the sidewalk. Trace around your shoes to make footsteps (your new stencil!). Make it big and bold for everyone to see! Now you have your Dance Spot!

4. Dance Spot: Play your song and show your moves! Teach your dance to a friend or neighbor, and invite them to use the Dance Spot, too. 

This activity was developed by Elisa H. Hamilton, a socially engaged multimedia artist. Elisa creates inclusive artworks that emphasize shared spaces and the hopeful examination of our everyday places, objects, and experiences.