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Sometimes in turbulent and unpredictable times, we need role models who can remind us of our ability to overcome di!culties. Superheroes inspire us to become better versions of ourselves and remind us to help take care of each other. This activity encourages you to think about your own potential and how you can help solve issues in your community.

This activity is adaptable for beginners to experts and is great for individuals, groups, and families to work on together at home. 


Paper, pencil, pen, and crayon icon.

Drawing supplies, like paper, pencil, colored pencils, markers, and/or crayons

Light bulb icon with light rays.

Your imagination!




Using drawing supplies of your choice, dream up a superhero and design their costume.

Draw them in their costume and in action. Include as many details as you can think of.




Create the story of your superhero. Draw and/or write about their story.
Answer some of these questions throughout your story:

What is their name?

What are their superpowers?

Where is their secret hideout?

What do they do to help their community? 




Share your artwork on social media with #ICAartlab or email us your photos at

You can also share a photo of someone who is a superhero to you!
Maybe your mom, dad, aunt, brother, friend, neighbor, etc.

There are many anonymous superheroes out there
and we want to give you a space to celebrate them! 



A crayon drawing of a characters in overalls, rainbow-colored hair, and a giant paintbrush.


Everything she paints becomes real!

Somewhere near the ICA

Acrylic Woman paints schools, hospitals, and daycare centers for the community. Lately, she has been painting masks, food, and art kits for families!


This activity was created by Sergio Salicio-Lupiañez, Visitor Assistant.