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Great for kids and adults to make together, ideal for ages 5+.

Make your own paper tentacles inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s LOVE IS CALLING. Explore themes of fear and love with your family, through mark-making and simple sculpture building. You’ll need 2 sheets of paper per tentacle, scissors, and some mark-making tools like a pencil, markers, or crayons. Oil pastels and black cardstock paper are used in the examples below.

1. Trace + Cut

ART LAB_trace cut_instructions.jpg

ART LAB_trace cut_step 1.jpg

ART LAB_trace cut_step 2.jpg

ART LAB_trace cut_step 3 template.jpg

Cut a slit halfway into each tentacle, one from the top and one from the bottom.

2. Assemble

ART LAB_assemble (banner).jpg

ART LAB_assemble_01.jpg

3. Decorate!


4. Optional finishings!

5. Share your creations!

Hooray! You’re all done. Post your work of art on social media (follow us on Instagram, Facebook, + Twitter) and tag #ICAartlab to share with us!

This activity was created by Brooke Scibelli, Family and Art Lab Programs Coordinator.