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This activity is recommended for ages 8+. Please note that the project involves scissors to cut materials. Great for individuals, and virtual collaboration.

Make your own 8-page mini-zine! Essentially miniature magazines, zines often display images and texts and are typically self-published by an individual or small group. Zines are really easy and inexpensive to make and are popularly photocopied to be shared within a community. Investigate artist Ellen Gallagher’s method of altering advertisements and popular cultural texts to create your own visual statement.

You will need:

  • Letter sized (8.5” x11”) paper
  • Drawing materials
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Mixed 2D materials (Coupon books, magazines, newspapers, books, yearbooks, etc.)


1. Fold your paper in half, then half again, and then half again. When you open your paper, you should have eight equal sections.

2. With the paper completely open, fold it in half with short ends touching. Using scissors, cut halfway across the middle from the fold. When you reopen your paper, there will be a slit in the middle of the sheet.

Two images: on the left is a blank piece of white paper folded into eight equal sections; on the right is the same paper with a slit in the middle of the sheet.

3. Fold the paper lengthwise (long ends touching), hold the paper at either end, and fold the sheet into itself to form an 8-page booklet.

Three images stacked, each showing hands folding paper in various ways.

4. Using newspapers, magazines, or other similar materials, explore cutting out images, textures, and text. Subtract from images by cutting away elements. Play with the composition by reassembling pieces on a background; overlap or leave space between cutouts. Glue them into place. Add layers to the collage by drawing and painting over images, adorning with stickers, or writing poetry!

Scraps of cut-out newspapers and a pair of scissors on a surface.

5. Share, collaborate, teach— The mini-zine can be unfolded and photocopied. Zines can be donated to community centers, libraries, and independent bookstores. Zines are notable for being used in community organization and political movements because they can be easily shared. Who will you share your zine with?

Three images stacked showing different angles of a miniature magazine made from collaged newspaper cut-out.

This activity was created by Kelly Chen, Visitor Assistant.