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Making a collage is a creative and fun way to tell a story. This project will inspire you to turn your ideas, thoughts, emotions, and dreams into images using pictures from old magazines. Get creative and use other materials collected from your home such as fabric or small objects. Let your creativity bloom and have fun!

This activity is designed for children ages 5 and up and their grownups to work on together at home.

Please note that this project involves using scissors to cut paper. 


Icon of papers labeled


Icon of scissors


Icon of glue stick and tape

Glue or tape

Icon of overlapping striped triangle, circle, and a flower.

Paper, fabric, and/or found objects





is a process of combining and layering multiple images or pieces of materials together to create a single artwork. What story do you want to tell with your collage? Using scissors, cut out words, images, textures, and colors from old magazines that will tell your story


Art lab icons with striped yellow and pink geometric shapes, a flower, and text reading


the magazine clippings until you find a connection between them and can build a story. Explore different options for a background for your collage. Will it be a solid color, a pattern, or a page of text?


Art lab icons with striped yellow and pink traingles, a flower, and text reading


Once you have found an arrangement, or composition, that you like, glue or tape the magazine clippings onto the background of your choosing. 


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