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What do you treasure most? Who do you care about? What places are most special to you?  Create miniature artworks inspired by your treasures. Seek inspiration from the fantastical sculptures in the ICA exhibition Raúl de Nieves: The Treasure House of Memory where the artist weaves Mexican sewing traditions with drag, ballroom, and queer club culture. 


Drawing of notebook, pencil, crayon, paintbrush

Drawing materials

Drawing of tape dispenser and pipe cleaners

Any art materials you have, such as: clay, stickers, pipe cleaners, recyclable materials, etc.

Drawing of bag and box

Tiny treasure chest, box, bag or other container to hold your artwork


  1. Think about what you treasure the most. Think beyond objects and include people, places, feelings, and ideas that you treasure or love. Make a list if it helps you brainstorm. 
  2. Create drawings or miniature sculptures that represent each of your treasures. Use any art materials you like to create your treasures. (See the materials list for ideas.) Plan ahead so that your treasures can fit inside your container. 
  3. Place your treasures in a chest or container of your choice. Look at and reflect on them every once in a while.  
  4. Care for your treasures. Share your treasures with others or keep them secret. Over time, you can change or add new treasures to your collection. 


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