Bingo game featuring clues and line drawings of imagery to seek in the exhibition To Begin Again

How did you do on To Begin Again Bingo? Check your answers below! 

Answer key

1. Duane Hanson, Child with Puzzle, 1978.

2. Child from the class of Hans-Friedrich Geist, Untitled (ship with three figures and Steurmann), 1930.

3. Sable Elyse Smith, Coloring Book 37, 2019.

4. Faith Ringgold, Tar Beach #2, 1990-92.

5. Njideka Akunyili Crosby, “The Beautyful Ones” Series #7, 2018.

6. Cathy Wilkes, Untitled, 2012.

7.Tim Rollins and K.O.S, The Interior of the Heart, 1987–1988.

8. Glenn Ligon, Malcolm X, Sun, Frederick Douglass, Boy with Bubbles (version 2), #2, 2001.

9. Ekua Holmes, Precarious, 2017.

To Begin Again Bingo was created by 2022 summer interns Ana Varela and Gina Yu.