• DJ sets by Gucci Vuitton + Riobamba
  • Visual installations by Pat Falco, William Chambers, Matthew Zaremba + Samo

DJ Gucci Vuitton, aka Oliver Mak, co-founder of the legendary Boston retailer Bodega, and Pico Picante’s Riobamba, known for urbano soundscapes, sound system anthems, and rave disorder “souped up with a twisted, industrial gnarl” (Complex Magazine), will run the turntables. PLUS experience Pat Falco’s electronics trash yard, William Chambers’s mobile embroidery unit, and collaborative visuals from illustrator Matthew Zaremba and new-media digital artist Sam Okerstrom-Lang, or Samo.

Culture Club is a two-part outdoor audio/visual installation series. Vinyl-based DJ sets pair with otherworldly visual installations by Boston–area artists for energetic and exploratory nights on the harbor.